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Our Furry Gang

Our family is so grateful for Carol.  She has been watching our dogs for

many years.  We went from 2 dogs to 3 to 4 then to 8.  We now have 7

dogs and she cares for them like they were her own. 


Not only do we completely trust Carol with our furry gang but also

 with our home.  She has been able to remedy several situations which

made us feel that we never had to rush back, she always gave us

 peace of mind.  


We will never forget the phone call we received from Carol telling us

our seventeen-year-old mini dachshund had suffered a grand mal

seizure.  She rushed Ginger to the vet and had taken a video of her

 actually, having the seizure.  Without that video the doctors would

not have known exactly what had happened.  Carol saved Ginger’s life,

and to this day she is doing great.


We are truly Carol’s biggest fans!!!

The Condon Family


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